The RINSE Live, episode 11 XRATED III– RECAP!

XRated episode 11

The Rinse Live– episode 11 streamed LIVE on Monday 11th August and this is what we covered: –       Icebreaker: Stereotypes: do they still exist? British people don’t have sex as much as people from other countries… Black men have the biggest cocks Blondes are more adventurous in the sack? Which stereotype do you buy into…

The RINSE live, episode 11 – Monday 11th August 9pm!

XRated episode 11

On Monday 11th August, The RINSE live episode 11 streams right here: Meet this week’s RINSERS: Sherryl Blu Presenter, host, journo-blogger, all round try-a-tinger! @SherrylsWorld ~~~~~~~ Dr Psycho DJ, presenter, journalist, graphic designer! @DrPsycho ~~~~~~~ Miranda Loy Radio presenter, broadcaster, make up artist @MsMirandaLoy ~~~~~~~ DJ Dubl Hip Hop & Dancehall nerd, turntable DJ, radio…