A bad week for Nicki (Minaj)

Bad week for Nicki

As if rumours of your arse exploding and then to have the network (CBS) cut part of your performance on the Fashion Rocks stage because it was deemed ‘unsuitable’ or something like that wasn’t enough, Nicki Minaj attempted to go back to her high school; LaGuardia High School to talk to students but was shot down by the principal who declined her offer with no real reasoning.

Seems a bit unfair right?

Well… according to the grapevine, Nicki’s proposal to the school was apparently part of a stunt for a reality TV show which she is alleged to be making and an education official has said, that this is what made her offer a no-go for the school.

As you can imagine, the Barbs have been out in full force, fiercely defending her with tweets such as the below:

Ah well Nick, here’s to a better week, next week…

…and whilst we are on the subject, what really happened with the arse malfunction during the performance?

Did her arse really eff up?

Check out the pics below and decide for yourself:

Nicki MInaj Fashion Rocks Before

Before Arse Malfunction

NIcki MInaj Fashion Rocks After

After Arse Malfunction?

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