Beyonce & Rihanna stream exclusively on Tidal!

So 2 of the biggest stars on the planet have put out new music exclusively to Tidal – the new exclusive streaming service but questions surrounding the security of artistic material have risen.

Beyonce was first to set the ball rolling with a piano ballad called; Die with You – which is rumored to be a 7th wedding anniversary gift to hubby and owner of Tidal – Jay Z!

Beyonce & Rihanna stream exclusively on Tidal!

Rihanna followed suit quite quickly with the music video premiere of her latest single; American Oxygen being made available only via the site.

Sadly for Jay, it wasn’t long before ripped footage of Beyonce’s track appeared on YouTube shortly after its debut on Tidal on 4th April.

The pirating of Die with You, has even prompted self confessed Jay Z fan; Lily Allen, to question the vulnerability of Tidal and worries people are going to swarm back to pirate sites in droves sending traffic to torrent sites [cite].

She could have a point!

With a massive £19.99 per month subscription fee, the aim to allow art to flourish, seems as though it might have to cost the consumer, a little bit less than that in order to deter bootleg copies and uploads especially when you consider that most Spotify users (Tidal’s main competitors), started out as free users of their service….

It will be interesting to see how many people buy into Tidal though.

Could the big names behind it be enough?

Only time will tell!

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