Black men…line up and get ‘cleaned’ up in China!

By now, I would imagine most of the world has seen the recent ‘racist’ advert from Chinese firm Qiaobi…

Apparently, the commercial is advertising detergent and shows a black man being flung into a washing machine after a tab of this so called amazing detergent is shoved into his mouth by some chick. He re-emerges soon after as a clean shaven, sparkly looking Asian man!


Yes, WTF indeed!!!

Now, I have absolutely no idea how TV and such is regulated over there but I would like to think, an advert that is so blatantly racist, could NEVER air here! (Advertising Standards Agency – stand up)!

I guess the even funnier part is; the actual owner of the detergent brand – known only as Mr Xia, has told the BBC he didn’t know much about the advertisement and says he didn’t realise it was racist until it was pointed out to him.

That comment alone is massively disturbing and kind of reinforces the idea that China may not necessarily be out and out racist, but more; the people aren’t racially sensitive – or some shit…whatever!

To be honest with you, I am not entirely sure who I should be most mad at…the Chinese company for making such an advert or the Black guy that willing took part in such nonsense!

Check it out below if you haven’t already witnessed the ridiculousness yet:

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