Britney flopped, Beyoncé wowed!

Looks like, even with performances from Beyoncé and Britney…yes Britney, the TV ratings for the 2016 VMAS was down a massive 34% from last year.

According to Nielsen live-plus-same day numbers, this year’s awards drew in 6.5 million people whilst in 2015, the audience figures were 9.8 million – quite a huge difference for sure!

The 2016 MTV Video Music Awards was broadcast live from Madison Square Garden simultaneously across BET, VH1 and several other Viacom properties but still, this wasn’t nearly enough to boost ratings.

Heck, even the promise of Kanye being allowed to unleash, unscripted for 4 whole minutes just couldn’t cut it!

Perhaps viewers have just had enough of twerking Miley Cyrus type antics…*pause*

But Britney…

Britney flopped, Beyoncé wowed!

Britney made her long awaited return to the VMA stage after being absent for 9 years!

Was it that long?

Britters performed; Make Me and Me, Myself and I (with G-Eazy) in a yellow, Vegas inspired leotardy-type body suit!

Yep she looked on form but booooyyy did she flop!

Britney flopped, Beyoncé wowed!

Britney was miming ALL THE WAY THROUGH!!!!

The miming was so bad in parts, it was painful!

Check it out below:

The question here is, why?

Why does she keep setting herself up like that?

Plus, if you’re going to mime, surely you would make the effort to rehearse and attempt to make it look as authentic as possible…right?

A few tweets alluded to the fact that Britney felt she had to mime because she was on directly after Beyoncé!


What in God’s name does Beyoncé have to do with Britney’s lack of singing or should I say, miming talent?

Petty excuse!

But speaking of Beyoncé…

Can we talk about the Queen for a second?

From the moment she rocked up with daughter Blue Ivy… uhmmmm slayage!

Britney flopped, Beyoncé wowed!

She owned the night with a sweep of awards including, Video of the Year for Formation.


But that performance…

Laaaaaard have mercy!!

Britney flopped, Beyoncé wowed!

She’s a machine!

A creative machine!

I loved every, single minute of that performance.

She absolutely killed it (in a good way).

It was a truly artistic piece that told the story perfectly.

Yasss Bey, MJ would be proud!!

CLICK this link to watch Beyoncé’s whole performance.

Britney flopped, Beyoncé wowed!


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