‘Cake Soap…’ documents ‘Bleachings’ in Jamaica! [VIDEO]

Despite being completely aware that such shitty shenanigans ah gwaaarn, it’s still both shocking and upsetting to see broad chest black people speak so openly about their love for bleaching their skin!

Cake Soap…skin bleaching in Jamaica is the most recent documentary to hit the internet highlighting the obsession with ‘Bleachings’ and the self-hate and ignorance that goes along with it – not to mention the health implications.

Joy Daily (the presenter) takes a trip around the beautiful island and uncovers plenty of not so beautiful truths.

'Cake Soap...' documents 'Bleachings' in Jamaica! [VIDEO]

With many inspired by the bleach God; Vybz Kartel and interestingly….by Michael Jackson too, this short documentary shows the sad realisation that many black folk still possess the slave master mentality and believe to be fairer is to be more beautiful and/or socially acceptable.

With additional commentary from University lecturers and white people, this short piece leaves you feeling angry at the stupidity of those that opted to share their bleaching stories with pride, afraid for their naivety and worried for their mental health.

Sad, deluded, sick or all three.

You decide!

Check out the documentary below

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