Cam’ron x Reebok x Giles Investigation

Even though Kendrick wasn’t the first, it seems he has been the most notable of recent…

What am I blabbing on about?

Reebok partnerships of course!

Seems like the desire for the sports brand to team up with Hip Hop stars, is still going strong!

Cam'ron x Reebok x Giles Investigation

Dipset boss and rapper; Cam’ron, is the latest artist to collaborate with Reebok and has recently announced to The Fader that he has been working on a ‘Purple Haze’ sneaker which was inspired by his 2004 album of the same name.

The sports shoe is rumoured to be hitting stores on April 20 (4/20)!

Whilst speaking to the magazine, Killa Cam was reluctant to share too many details on what to expect from the impending footwear but did reveal that it will be purple with a pink insole!

No surprises there – this dude loves his pink!!!

Interestingly, this news comes at a convenient time considering he recently shared a new track called; U Wasn’t There from Purple Haze 2 – allegedly his final album.

Shall we all play a little guessing game and see if the new album drops around the same time as the trainers…?

Roll on April huh?

Oh and if you’re a Cam’ron fan, you will be pleased to learn that he has been working in a new web series called; Giles Investigation and episode 1 is available NOW!

Let’s just say, it makes for very interesting viewing….

Go ahead, check it out below:

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