Chip FIRED up the Booth!

Chip – Fire in the Booth part 2 is quite literally the talk of the blinkin town!

So, the story is, Chip visited 1xtra and entered the booth on Charlie Sloth’s show….

Besides the fact that Chip reminded us of his ability to flow, what really caught everyone’s attention was the way he took the opportunity to call out fellow UK MC; Tinie Tempah!

Chip expressed how his heart was broken when he felt Tinie initially fired shots at him when he was in the booth a year ago (click here to see Tinie in action).

He genuinely felt he had to get a few things off his chest…much to our entertainment!

In and amongst his rant, he also made it clear that he believed Tinie should be using his growing celebrity status to change things in the community he came up in rather than tun up at celebrity parties and fashion events!


Highly entertaining stuff….

If you haven’t already witnessed the gwaaarnings, check it out below:

Meanwhile, whilst the world awaits some sort of response, Tinie simply posted this up on Instagram this morning…

Is this another dig?

Chip FIRED up the Booth!

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