Eddie Murphy papped with soon-to-be baby mumma no 5!

How comes I’m only just hearing about this?

Eddie Murphy 54, is set to become a father for the 6th time with baby mumma no 5, girlfriend 36 year old Paige Butcher!

Eddie Murphy papped with soon-to-be baby mumma no 5!

The two were snapped doing their regular morning coffee run in California sporting coordinating black outfits… Well kind of any way – and the two of them look content to be snapped by paps – I’m guessing this was an organised paparazzi moment.

Australian Paige is due to give birth in May and apparently, the couple announced their baby news back in November!!!

Not sure how I missed that…

But anyway, naturally the couple are excited and I guess a baby was kinda ‘on the cards’ given that they’ve been together since 2012 – in celeb world that’s a long time you know, I mean you’ve only got to look at how quickly Eddie and Mel B met and made a baby!!!

So, it’s a ‘congratulations to the happy pair’ from me and I have one simple ask of Eddie…

That blasted durag….BURN IT!!!

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