Fetty Wap’s new locks!

So the man behind one of the biggest tunes of the moment (Trap Queen); Fetty Wap has had fake dreadlocks installed (sorry I couldn’t think of an alternative way of phrasing it)!

@stackz_out in the cut turnin up , with the Zoo #ZooGods

A photo posted by RemyBoyz“1738” (@fettywap1738) on

After uploading a pic to Instagram showing off his new tresses, the backlash was naughty, forcing Fetty to defend himself by saying the following:

When you want what you want an can afford it it’s not about the cost it’s about what makes you happy [cite]

Fetty later posted a further picture of himself sleeping covered in $100 bills!

Dreamin bout the money … & ya still on my hair lol

A photo posted by RemyBoyz“1738” (@fettywap1738) on

I guess if the ladies can wear extensions, then why can’t the men….I guess!

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