Hip Hop meets Gymnastics: Sophina DeJesus – ledge!

There are some people that just CANNOT be ignored and UCLA gymnast, Sophina DeJesus, 21 is one of them!

Whilst the world watched Beyoncé entrance the world with new music, tour announcements and a hard hitting Super Bowl performance over the weekend, Sophina was out here putting a Hip Hop spin on her gymnastics routine and literally killing it!

Sophina broke the Internet with her entertaining routine that included hitting the quan and many other popular Hip Hop dances…19 million views on YouTube and counting!

Her routine not only impressed the judges resulting in her receiving a near perfect score of 9.925 but ultimately helped her team come from behind and take the win!

Check out Sophina in action below…

Impressive huh?

I now know what I wanna be when I grow up!

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