Honey G to duet with Snoop? Or maybe even Missy!!!

OK, sometimes when shit gets real, we don’t want it…

Like now!

Snoop Dogg has told the Daily Star that he would drop whatever he is doing to give the X Factor a performance of a lifetime with none other than Honey G should she make it through to the final!

Honey G to duet with Snoop?  Or maybe even Missy!!!

He defended Sharon Osbourne’s choice to put Honey through to the live shows stating;

‘It’s crazy the public getting on Sharon’s back about putting Honey G in the finals. When people have been managing the biggest bands in the world for 40 years, they can question her. Until then, critics can shut the hell up.’

I would like to think Snoop was joking but horrifyingly, I don’t believe he is.

Snoop initially stated he was glad Simon Cowell was finally giving real hip hop talent a chance on the show and then followed with his ‘duet’ comments.

I think it’s the ‘initial’ statement that made me hope Snoop had taken one to many tokes on a spliff hence his ludicrous announcement but nope…..!

I think its comments like these that have actually led Honey G into believing that what she is doing is real hip hop and she is a legitimate hip hop artist.

No, no and NO!

Honey G to duet with Snoop?  Or maybe even Missy!!!

Gimmicky and a giggle to watch over the next few weeks, maybe…. A serious artist with songs in the charts? Nah bruv!

Perhaps this false sense of being the real deal is what has contributed to Honey declaring that she would love to duet with Missy Elliot should she reach the finals – it would be her dream!

I want to laugh off her ‘dreams’ but based on the unlikely support she has received from Snoop, I’m scared to just in case it comes to pass!

P.S Before anyone decides to jump on their high horse, this is not a character assassination; Honey G is probably a lovely individual, she just needs to laow the hip hop façade!


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