Iggy took a while…

OK so here we are talking about this whole Iggy Azalea thang again but, this bit is kind juicy.

Iggy took a while...

Right, so after Q-Tip decided to share some knowledge on Hip Hop and why the comments she made were such an issue, it did take a while but first up, Iggy mentor; T.I responded with the following string of tweets.

In a nutshell, he is saying that whilst we must appreciate where music has come from and what it means from a cultural perspective, we should be able to allow all people to embrace all things if they feel they can identify with it and most of all, understand it.

Check out his tweets here:

TI then directed his tweets to Iggy in a show of support saying;

It took Iggy even longer to drum up a response which did come as a bit of a shock as she usually seems quick to fire shots BUT, she has come out (on Twitter) and shared her feelings about the lesson she received courtesy of Q-Tip.

Interestingly, her responses seem to be peppered with sarcasm and arrogance and for what it is worth, she comes across as though she is saying; who the eff is anyone to question anything I do.

True in a sense but when you are in the public eye, making public statements and very public jibes, THIS is to be expected right?

Does anyone else get the feeling that this whole thing, is far from over?

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