Jaden Smith in British GQ Style

Jaden Smith strikes an interesting pose on the front cover of the latest edition of British GQ Style – available from 17th March.

Jaden, who is known for pushing fashion gender boundaries, looked edgy in the shots and very much the star-in-his-own-right that he has steadily worked on establishing.

Jaden Smith in British GQ Style

Fresh from the hype surrounding the revelation that he was to be the new face of the Louis Vuitton womenswear campaign back in January, Jaden cuts a more masculine look in the GQ shoot showing his fearlessness when it comes to creativity and what floats his boat at the time.

Jaden Smith in British GQ Style

I love the shots and actually think Jaden is refreshing to watch.

Many question his direction and intention when pictured rocking skirts and typically female items but I merely see it as an individual desperate to express himself in a non-conformist way – you could argue Jaden is an artist that uses himself as a canvas….just maybe!

Jaden Smith in British GQ Style

One thing I certainly don’t agree with and actually have a hard time getting my head around is; why he and his younger sister Willow, get such negative press I mean heck…yeah they’re way out, quirky and perhaps for some; uncomfortable to watch but as the children of two Hollywood stars, surely they could have turned out a lot worse.

I mean we don’t see them falling out of clubs, intoxicated by drugs or wasted on alcohol, like some celeb kids do we?

OK yes there have been a few ropey moments like the images of Willow with that older guy and whatnot but on the whole, if pushing fashion boundaries is that offensive then flippin eck, I despair in the human race more than I ever thought I could!

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