Jermaine Dupri speaks highly of Janet Jackson!

A perfect example of how to be amicable and wish the best for an ex came in the form of Jermaine Dupri’s recent gushing’s over Janet Jackson’s receiving of the Ultimate Icon Award at the BET Awards this year.

Whilst speaking to Nessa from Hot 97 during a promo round a few days ago, he said:

“I’m a Janet Jackson fan. I think she’s the right person — I think she’s the only person (BET) should be honouring with this award. I’m happy to see that. She’s got a new record. I’m happy to see Jimmy (Jam) & Terry (Lewis) back in the studio. Those are idols of mine and I’m happy to see them doing what I watched and wanted for me and my artists. So to see them make (another) record with her — and I hope it’s the whole album — that’s a teaching to this new generation about how you’re supposed to make records.”

Check out JD below talking on the above along with a whole host of other stuff including Mariah *pause*:

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