Kanye got booed at the Billboard Awards!

The Billboard Awards 2015 took place last night (17th May) at the MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada and Kanye West got booed!

Kanye got booed at the Billboard Awards!

The rumour is, when Kanye’s sisters in law; Kendall and Kylie Jenner introduced him, they were booed, when he hit the stage, he was booed and finally when he finished his set which included the tracks; Black Skinhead and All Day…again, he was booed!

Not good!

Could it be that the public have finally had enough of Mr West’s diva ish demands, over the top outbursts and probably most annoyingly, his connection and infatuation with being a ‘Kardashian’?

From the Oxford speech to the news that he will be performing at Glastonbury this year, it seems the British public have definitely had a skin full and are far from impressed with his antics!

Are Kanye’s cards marked or will he somehow channel all this energy from his haters and turn it into something positive?

Check out the snippet of his performance below…not sure whether you can spot him through all the Pyrotechnics and what not, but give it go anyways!

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