Kanye is fully in Caitlyn Jenner’s corner, Chris!

Oh gaaaarsh, Chris Brown has got Kanye foaming at the mouth…again!

Chris thought it would be amusing to jump on the Caitlyn Jenner meme steam train and repost that science project meme originally posted by Snoop on Instagram.

Check it out below:

Kanye is fully in Caitlyn Jenner's corner, Chris!

Kylie Jenner – who also happens to be Chris’ friend….apparently, was straight on Chris’ back and left a comment saying; not very nice to say about your friends dad and feels she deserves a formal apology… *ahem – whatever*

Anyhoos, Kanye has begun his usual flinging of ish out of the pram and apparently, he’s planning some sort of diss track to address all those that have been taking shots at new look Jenner!

Hmmm, kinda ironic that Kanye’s album Swish needs a bit of a promotional push hey…

Never misses a trick that one!

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