Kanye…living like Pablo!

I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to keep on saying it…

Kanye West is a genius!

Kanye...living like Pablo!

He maybe a crazy ass one, one that has lost grip on all reality and common sense maybe… BUT, a genius all the same!

It seems, even through all the ‘car crash’ behaviour that seems to surround every business move he makes of late – everything he touches, quite literally turns to gold!

People love it!

Maybe it’s the nonsense that they’re buying into but however it goes, it’s lining his pockets every, single time!

Take for example his recent ‘move’…the Pablo pop up shop, scores of people queued up to purchase a maximum of two items from the store situated in the SoHo district, NYC.

Kanye...living like Pablo!

Inside the store, Kanye’s latest album of the same name; Life of Pablo, played continuously and the apparel available included denim jackets, sweatshirts and t shirts adorned with the image of his late mother; Donda West!

Kanye...living like Pablo!


Kanye...living like Pablo!



Kanye wasn’t at the grand opening of his beloved pop up store but was snapped leaving a gym in LA instead!!!


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