Kanye you liberty!!!

Well it’s one thing thinking you’re being ripped off and it’s another knowing

Kanye you liberty!!!

Kanye West has proved the latter with the recent sale of his Life of Pablo t-shirts at his pop up shop in East London.

The tees were being sold for a fairly middle of the road price of £70 (for celebrity garms…you know how it is) yet one clever cookie spotted the label inside the t-shirt, did a quick search (as you do) and discovered the ‘Gildan Ultra Cotton’ plain tees were being sold online for under 2 quid a pop!

As expected, this discovery has gone down like a lead balloon and fans across the world (not just in the UK) have taken to social media to express their annoyance at being sold cheap tatt!

Kanye you liberty!!!

Ironically, Kanye has always been vocal about his desire for making fashion accessible in terms of cost and what not, but what does that mean?  Make the cost seem reasonable for what it is but still bump the shit out of people?

A £68 profit on each tee?

Really Kanye?!

Now we are all aware that business is business and being the celebrity you are, the ability to command a silly amount for something as basic as a t-shirt is definitely there,  but seriously, if you’re into knocking off people, the least you could do is remove the damn label FFS!

Let’s see how Yeezus gets out of this one!

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