Kanye’s New Yeezy Collection Unveiled at NYFW

So Kanye unveiled his second Yeezy collection at New York Fashion Week yesterday (Wednesday).

This came after much hype surrounding the time and date of his show – the rumour is, he decided to showcase his collection late and as a result, forced Anne Bowen to reschedule her Nomad VII showcase to avoid a direct clash!

Hmmmm, where to start?

OK…there was a lot of beige involved.

Kanye's New Yeezy Collection Unveiled at NYFW

Beige, nudes and washed out earthy tones seemed to be the overall theme for Kanye’s second collaboration with leisurewear giant; Adidas but it wasn’t just the neutral theme that got tongues wagging.

The new range smacked of post apocalyptic style in that the wears were often oversized tops with leggings for the ladies and ultra baggy bottoms for the guys. The clothes had a worn out feel to them…as if they had been worn previously and recycled perhaps…

Very neutral looking, very basic by design and structure and of course…very Kanye!

I think it’s fair to say he has been channelling a similar look for some time now (think Glastonbury) so, I’m not entirely surprised about the range and how it looks.

Will it catch on?

Of course it will!!!

100% – its Kanye FFS and if we are brutally honest, we could all do with a neutral looking hoody in our wardrobe!

Kanye's New Yeezy Collection Unveiled at NYFW

Highlight of the fashion show, had to be baby North looking totally bemused by the fact that she was seated next to fashion guru; Anna Wintour and what a star studded line up. You had the Kardashian entourage, Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci, Drake, Jaden Smith, Debbie Harry and Courtney Love – amongst others! Oh and Kylie Jenner tried to get her modelling on…she walked the Yeezy show with friend; Bella Hadid – both sported caps that hid most of their faces! What’s the blinkin point?

Kanye's New Yeezy Collection Unveiled at NYFW

Anyways, as expected, the backlash has been a mixture of positive and negative responses with some dissin the range whilst others fully embrace it.

Kanye's New Yeezy Collection Unveiled at NYFW

The funniest comments had to be the ones made by Immortal Technique who likened Kanye’s range to something out of Star Wars!

Check out his tweet below:

Oh well….all publicity is, good publicity – right Kanye?

I’m sure he will nod to that comment as he rubs his hands in glee whilst the $$$ keep turning over….

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