Katie Hopkins on Nicki Minaj!

What the hell is wrong with Katie Hopkins man?

Yeaaaaaah I get the whole; pantomime villain BS and all that but surely, there is a thin line between being that and being an absolute numpty!

Katie is undeniably…a numpty (for want of a better expression).

She’s decided to wade in on the Nicki MInaj/Taylor Swift Twitter beef brandishing Nicki a ‘fat arse’ and ‘sore loser’.

 Katie Hopkins on Nicki Minaj!


*kisses teeth*

Katie used her column in the Sun to ‘talk’ to Nicki…

This is what she said;

Look, Onika, if I may address you as such. I don’t care what you think you are. You have a fat a**e and norks of porn.

Lay off the burgers and quit being a sore loser. 

*cue a barrage of swear words and curses*

OK Nicki has a fat arse….yes, but lay off the burgers?

What are you on about? Nicki is far from fat!

Katie is NONSENSE!!!

Whilst Nicki and Taylor have laid their apparent spat to bed, this one is over here trying to stir crap!

Get lost Katie, seriously – just do one!!!


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