Kendrick won’t stop!

My fave Kendrick Lamar has been speaking openly about his use of the N bomb!

Kendrick won't stop!

There is no question that the word is used freely in Hip Hop but still causes justified distress and disgust for many.

Whilst most would put firmly into the ‘conscious’bracket, he has recently confessed that he doesn’t know if he would be able to give up using the word, any time soon!

Speaking to NME, this is what he said;

“The closest I can do to stopping is putting the root word, negus, on my album, but I don’t know if I’m there mentally to stop saying the N-word yet. I dunno, maybe one day. That’s 27 years of reversing that word, I probably been saying that since I was one-year-old.”


What are your thoughts on the word?

Is it acceptable to use the word to illustrate a point ever?

How about in music?

Should the word be banned fullstop?

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