Kim and Kanye STRAINED?

The rumours that Kim and Kanye cannot stop arguing have reached fever pitch!

Kim and Kanye STRAINED?

Following Kanye’s notable absence from Thanksgiving dinner at the Kardashians in favour of dinner with 2 male mates in Paris, it seems that after spending a few days together in New York, Kanye has been complaining of Kim’s desire to shop, take selfies and not much else – as a result, he’s hopped back on a plane to Paris claiming he’s off to finish work on his album!

Kim on the other hand has been reportedly moaning about their marriage being more of a business deal than a real marriage!

We’ve alluded to it before but could the Kimye union be showing signs of stress?

Will they make it to 2 years?

Who knows, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see after all, this could be another genius ploy masterminded by Kanye to keep people focusing on what they do!

Couldn’t it…?

Could be….then again it probably isn’t!!!

…And in related but slightly contradictory news, apparently Kim is so desperate to share some intimate time with her husband, she has to beg Kanye for sex because he’s just too busy!

What the devil is happening here?

Answers on a postcard please.

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