Kim Kardashian airs it out!

So apparently, Kim Kardashian is undergoing IVF treatment after struggling to fall pregnant with a second child.

Kim Kardashian airs it out!

If Kim is genuinely struggling to conceive naturally, I have nothing but sympathy for her but to then learn that she will announce an implanted embryo did not take, on an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, is just…..*sigh* too much!

Whilst the Kardashians live for fame and adoration, I can’t help but think some things should be kept to oneself – unless of course it’s for awareness purposes or similar.

Do we really need to see Kim’s struggle played out on our screens just because?

More worryingly, since when did Kanye decide to be OK with every inch of his private life being projected into the living room of anybody that cares to watch the show?

Oh wait…that was probably part of the contract when he married Kim….Marry me, marry my family, marry my life, sign away your privacy!

I wonder if Kim secretly wishes life was…different!

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