Kim Kardashian – the Queen of Selfies?

The Queen of Selfies is now claiming that she actually invented the selfie!

Kim Kardashian - the Queen of Selfies?

As we all know, Kim Kardashian has been penning or rather, putting together a book of Selfies aptly entitled; Selfish!

Apparently the book which is due for release in May, was Kanye’s idea – he named it and also had his creative team; Donda oversee everything.

When promoting it recently, Kim claimed that she took pictures of herself in junior high and became completely hooked!

Surprise surprise!

As a result, Kim decided it was she that invented the selfie after snapping herself with a digital camera!

Uhmm Kim, just one point here…all kids did that ish with cameras. Long before smartphones had the ability to take selfies, turning a camera around and taking random snaps of a nostril, one eye, half an eyebrow and/or all of the above – was indeed the norm for kids raised in the 80s or 90s!

Just saying…

Anyways, homegirl has a book to promote so on this occasion, we will ignore the unnecessary claim to fame even though she’s already famous and is merely trying to stay relevant *breathe*

Yeah…waddevs Kim!

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