It’s m.A.A.d for Kendrick!

Over 2 years ago, Compton native; Kendrick Lamar bounced on to the mainstream scene with his debut album; good kid, m.A.A.d city

It's m.A.A.d for Kendrick!

This cleverly written conceptual album captured many with its gripping story telling content.

In a follow up to that success, Kendrick went and debuted a short film called; m.A.A.d at the Sundance Festival this summer.

The short film was put together by Kahil Joseph and offers the viewer a double screen projection of life in contemporary Los Angeles.

The film is complemented by a heavy soundtrack and will be featured as part of the Museum of Contemporary Arts exhibition schedule for 2015!

Looks like this album is well on its way to solidifying itself as certified classic rap material!

Good on ya Kendrick!

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