Mariah moves on…

So after what seemed to be months of long  drawn out speculation as to when and whether the prenup was going to be air tight, the Mariah Carey and James Packer wedding is OFF!

Mariah met James back in 2014 at a movie premiere in Aspen and the pair hit it off instantly.

Mariah moves on...

After billions of pictures beamed around the world of the happy couple (and her two kids) on beautiful beaches and at exclusive events, approximately 2 years later, James popped the question.

Having been married twice before, Mariah wanted her wedding to James to happen quickly…but suddenly earlier this year, everything seemed to ‘pull up!’

When quizzed about her wedding date, she simply answered; they are trying to figure it out!

The writing was clearly on the wall…

From wanting to tie the knot ASAP to figuring it out?

Yeah…. pull the other one love, it’s got bells on!

Anyhoos, here we are just ready to witness the Queen Diva dive head first into the arms of another – namely one of her dancers; Brian Tanaka.

Mariah moves on...

Apparently, the story goes something like, James’ behaviour had been an issue with MC for some time as well as his long absences…

As we all know, Mariah needs that attention at all times what with being a Head diva and stuff so that nonsense was never going to fly!

Then there’s that story about the alleged fight that happened in Greece just last month (September).  The rumour circulating claims James did something with Mariah’s assistant – something which we are not clear about!

Sounds ominous – needless to say, Mimi had enough and hit the road!

Hmmm I have to admit, there was something about Mariah and James that just didn’t add up to me anyway…they almost seemed ‘odd’ together…

I can’t put my finger on it!

However, whatever, watch this space to see if Mariah makes her new man official!


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