Michael Jackson – tops the Forbes list…AGAIN!

Just when you thought he was done with the record breaking, MJ comes up trumps again!

Michael Jackson - tops the Forbes list....AGAIN!

As we know, Michael Jackson passed away back in 2009 aged just 50.

It was alleged at the time that he was knee deep in debt (which I don’t necessarily believe).

This would be nothing but a distant memory now given that, for the fourth year running Michael has topped the Forbes list as the top earning dead celebrity.

And can we just acknowledge that the King of Pop did not just top the list, he absolutely blew the record out of the water after earning a staggering £675 million ($825 million) between October 2015 and October 2016!

That is R I D I C U L O U S but, I LOVE it!

Michael Jackson - tops the Forbes list....AGAIN!

I’m telling you….all hail him!!!

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