New Beyoncé ish?

The rumours have been swirling and speculation has been mounting over a new Beyoncé album.

This morning, the Beyoncé camp put all her die hards out of the misery (sort of) when it was announced that Beyoncé’s 5th album aptly entitled; Beyoncé, is also her new album repackaged as a Platinum Edition box set!

New Beyoncé ish?

Probably not quite what people were expecting but hold up….this special box set contains new music, remixes, a feature DVD detailing all the shenanigans that took place during the Mrs Carter World Tour and a 2015 calendar dagnammit!

What is your problem?!


OK…jokes aside…really?


Where’s the new music and fresh material?

Perhaps it has something to do with Beyoncé the album selling in excess of 2.1 million copies making it one of the biggest sellers last year so I guess, revamping it up and selling it over, simply guarantees at least another million in sales!

Who needs to be churning out new stuff when you can rinse the old a bit more?

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