Nicki Minaj drops the video for Anaconda! NSFW

Oh wow…just wow!

Nicki Minaj has gone and dropped the video for Anaconda just yesterday and yep…as expected, the video is a melting pot of big asses, big boobs, bum flicks and brightly coloured footwear!

NIcki color

Nicki has gone all out with this sexually charged visual offering set in what appears to be a rainforest.

This vid is definitely for the guys and well…for the ladies too – I guess…if you want to master the art of gyrating seductively in the least amount of clothing as possible then YES…this is for you too ladies!

Drake definitely got a big piece of the sexual-Nicki-type-pie– towards the end of the video he is seen sitting down ogling her as she cavorts around him sporadically thrusting various body parts into his face…sort of like a lap dance.

He is clearly enjoying the view!

nicki and drizzy]

Whilst one may not enjoy this track visually or aurally, one thing is for sure…you will come away screaming: MY ANACONDA DON’T…. MY ANACONDA DON’T… MY ANACONDA DON’T WANT NONE UNLESS YOU GOT BUNS HUN!

Proceed with caution and please bear in mind; THIS IS EXPLICIT MATERIAL which basically means… NSFW!!!

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