Nicki Minaj and Safaree struggle with the split

The rumour is they split back in October but it seems as though Safaree is taking the break up a lot harder than Nicki!

Nicki Minaj and Safaree struggle with the split

Apparently, Nicki’s ex boyf is suicidal over the split and is becoming more reclusive by the day forcing people close to him to worry and urge him to seek some help.

After their 12 year relationship broke down, details of why they split are still sketchy but most blame him for the break up claiming he stepped out of the relationship and slept with another woman – a rumour he believes has been fuelled by rapper Meek Mill.

Nicki on the other hand is quietly struggling with the break up too and just recently when she appeared on Angie Martinez’ radio show on Power 105.1, she literally broke down when speaking about being apart from the man that she had literally spent all of her famous life (so far) with.

She spoke of the fact that their relationship was based on love and there is still love there for him.

Tough times for the pair of them – here’s hoping they both come through the other side stronger!

Check out Nicki with Angie below – skip to 11 minutes to hear her break down over the split:

Nicki’s album The PinkPrint is available to purchase now!

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