Penis cake filled with Nutella – yes please!!!

Quick — get me on the next flight to LAX, I need to eat some dick!

Yep…you read right, I need to eat some LA dick!

OK, now you can go ahead and pick your jaw up off the floor/table/carpet whatever because the dick I wanna ingest, is a Nutella filled dick shaped cake, drizzled with condensed milk icing for good measure…

Mmmmm – my sweet tooth is going haywire!!!

Penis cake filled with Nutella - yes please!!!

Apparently, each penis cake (as they are more politely called, ignore my referring to them as ‘dicks’), can be purchased for $6 at 626 Night Market somewhere in California!

Can someone please see to getting this delicious looking, phallic shaped bad boy over here ASAP?

It makes perfect sense and yeah, the perv in me, really likes the idea of watching both men and women chow down on a nice piece of chocolate filled dick whilst they casually walk around, say…Camden market!!

Hey…don’t act like you’re not down with this too….

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