Prince’s alleged suicide note found!

Prince's alleged suicide note found!

OK so the rumour mill just keeps on churning around Prince and the unfortunate circumstances that led to his death back in April this year!

From the theory that he succumbed to AIDS through to the idea of him being so addicted to drugs that eventually they took his life – they just don’t stop.

Now, 2 months later, an apparent suicide note has surfaced with a friend of his claiming that this revelation proves his death may have been intentional.

In my opinion, details of what was scrawled on a page ripped out of a notebook are very ‘suspect’.
If the truth is; Prince did indeed purposely OD on Fentanyl as what is claimed and had a left a suicide note, why the big cover up initially and again, why is this a ‘thing’ now?!!

So what was in this note, I hear you cry…

Well hunni, you’re going to have to keep hunting across the web for that info because, to be honest with you, I don’t feel it’s in anyway tasteful to share alleged excerpts of the note found until it’s confirmed that is indeed what the claims say it is…so I won’t!

Maaaaan, can’t we just leave the man to rest in peace now?

I wholeheartedly believe, some things should be left alone and more intimate details of the what’s, the when’s and the whys, really need not be shared with the entire world but rather, available to those that were closest to him.

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