R Kelly turned 48!

So, R Kelly celebrated his 48th birthday the other day…the 8th January to be precise!

To remind the world what day it was, Kells posted this up on his Instagram page:

A photo posted by R. Kelly (@rkelly) on

Looks like someone’s fully repping for the Capricorns… jersey and all…

Interestingly, instead of us showering him with goodies, he decided to gift us a lil something…a new song aptly titled; Happy Birthday!

The song was premiered on DJ MoonDawg’s radio show on his actual birthday.

FYI: MoonDawg is a radio personality and DJ often heard on Chicago’s 107.5

Anyways…back to the track…

Well… to be honest, there’s not much to say about it other than…take a listen for yourself:

What did you think?

Oh  and check out the cakes Robert got for his birthday in the video courtesy of TMZ.com below:

Typical huh?

A few familiar faces showed up for his surprise birthday party though – have a look at a some of the snaps below:

R Kelly turned 48!


R Kelly turned 48!


R Kelly turned 48!


R Kelly turned 48!


R Kelly turned 48!


R Kelly turned 48!

As if the surprise celebrations weren’t enough (why would they be, he’s a celebrity don’t you know). his official celebrity birthday bash took place yesterday (10th Jan).

Looking forward to seeing what transpires from that…

Note: R. Kelly has been in the studio working on his new album; White Panties , the follow up to his 2013 album; Black Panties so ermmmm….yeah, watch out for that too!

Oreo anyone?

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