Rihanna’s dad is battling drink demons!

Poor Rihanna…

Rihanna's dad is battling drink demons!

A story has surfaced claiming that her dad got booted out of her first star studded Diamond Ball after he got himself steaming drunk.

It seems as though Ronald Fenty has been battling with the drink for some time now with his famous daughter even putting him through an expensive rehab programme in Malibu in order to escape serving jail time.

Whilst Rihanna believed her father had kicked his habit, the demons got the better of him and after sinking copious amounts of Johnny Walker Black, he tripped over a chair which forced security to step in and escort him home – much to the horror of his family especially RiRi’s mom who was the one who had spotted his antics.

As a result, he didn’t even get to see his daughter as he was ejected before she arrived at the venue.

Rihanna's dad is battling drink demons!

He has since spoken openly about the recent humiliation he put his daughter through claiming he only drank because he was depressed that day because Rihanna hadn’t invited her 2 half siblings to the event. He even went on to confess to being flown to LA every 3 months for routine urine tests.

It’s not the first time Papa Fenty has been punished by Rihanna and crew for his drunken shenanigans, 6 years ago, he was sent home from her North American tour due to being intoxicated on the tour bus!

Looks like another stint in rehab is on the cards.

Sad times!

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