*UPDATED* Starboy Nathan on trial at the Old Bailey [Verdict: GUILTY]


GUILTY was the verdict returned by the Old Bailey today (Thursday 3rd March)!

Nathan was convicted of laundering £20K in a much bigger fraud scam which revealed approximately £900K in total.

Nathan told the jury that he believed the money was payment for agreeing to take part in some shows in Dubai –an agreement made with a man he apparently met in Dstrkt nightclub in London!

Yeah exactly….THAT club!

After hearing about Nathan’s subsequent spending spree and shifty transactions following the £20K arriving in his bank account, the jury rejected his story and as a result, he has been granted conditional bail until a date for sentencing has been decided.

No Bueno!


Ermmm what’s this now?

‘Starboy Nathan’ aka Nathan Fagan-Gayle, you know that R&B singer that appeared on the X Factor in 2012… Well he’s only gone and got himself in a bit of bother – so it would seem!

Starboy Nathan on trial at the Old Bailey

Apparently Nathan is on trial at the Old Bailey and stands accused of converting criminal property after receiving £20K from fraudsters who scammed a 73 year old pensioner (amongst others) into handing over money whilst posing as a policeman!


It is alleged that Nathan – who is famous for Top 40 singles such as; ‘Come Into My Room’, received the money into his Barclays Bank account that had a measly 18p balance, then proceeded to withdraw £15K of that amount, out in cash and then transferred the rest to his mothers account!

Following his ‘transactions’, he decided to go on a spending spree with the £5K he was ‘rewarded’ with for allowing the fraudsters to use his bank account.

He flew to LA, hired cars and bought designer clothes!

I’m sure there’s a lot more to the story then detailed above but seriously Nathan, from 18p to £20K?

Wouldn’t you have considered that the bank alone would probably question the origins of such a large amount of cash?

And then all this withdrawing and transferring in such a short space of time….it’s just soooo bait!!!

Come on man…do better!

The trial continues…

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