The hunt for the pefect VAJAYJAY!

So this dude went on the hunt for the perfect vagina…

Yes you read that correctly, HUNT-FOR-A-PERFECT-VAGINA!!!

Brian Sloan is the inventor of the male friendly device; Autoblow2 which is an oral stimulator, doing EXACTLY what you think!

The competition has now closed and a winner has been found1

Throughout the ‘hunt’, a mere 1.2 million people visited the site (pervs – joke) and 200 people actually took the time out to apply!

Check out this short video below of Brian in which he explains how to take part and what’s up for grabs!

I honestly tried to keep a straight face during this:

Autoblow Vaginal Beauty Contest from Letsgasm! on Vimeo.

By now I know by this point you are dying to know who won so, go ahead…indulge your curiosity and click the pic below but beware this is NSFW!!!!

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