Thugger in a dress…!

Young Thug in a dress on the front of his new album/mixtape?

Thugger in a dress...!

Are we really that surprised?

After all, it’s not the first time ole Jeffery has worn women’s clothing…think back to that black lace shirt he wore to celebrate his 25th birthday…

Thugger in a dress...!

So what’s the excitement all about?

Admittedly, the bluey, lavenderish, floor length, tiered skirt and umbrella style hat is definitely eye catching and actually, upon first glance, you would be forgiven for thinking it’s a female model posing for perhaps a high end magazine such as Vogue but NO, the tattoos are a dead giveaway!

So the No, my name is JEFFERY mixtape cover is Young Thug wearing a dress – designed by Italian menswear designer; Alessandro Trincone by the way!

Shall we take a minute to try and get over this?

Many believe this cover alone, signals the end of Hip Hop but I happen to think, here is just one individual trolling the hell out of the world and whilst yes, this may inspire a wave of rappers/musicians to randomly experiment with gender bending in the fashion sense, most likely, this phase will pass over – like many other phases!

Jeffery has also posted a series of Insta snaps promoting his latest release and from these, we come to understand that the 9 tracks listed, are all named after his idols (his words).

FYI the bonus track isn’t!

“”PLAYLIST”” I named the songs after all my idols…

A photo posted by “”JEFFERY”” (@thuggerthugger1) on

As you can imagine, the internet went meme crazy on this one…

Some of my faves are below:

Thugger in a dress...!

Beyonce Thug

Thugger in a dress...!


Car Wash Thug

Thugger in a dress...!

Street Fighter Thug

Thugger in a dress...!

Washroom Thug (biggest liberty)!

So what next?

Will the fearless Thugger aim to push the fashion boundaries even further?

I guess perhaps yes…

But let’s just hope he stays away from lingerie and suspenders….at least publically!



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