Tidal causes waves!

You have probably already heard, if not heard, you may have noticed a lot of blank blue images dotted around – particularly on Twitter…here’s why; Jay Z plans to topple Spotify with his very own music streaming website; Tidal that aims to make more money for artists.

Tidal causes waves!

Jay Z recently told Billboard;

We didn’t like the direction music was going and thought maybe we could get in and strike an honest blow. Will artists make more money? Even if it means less profit for our bottom line, absolutely. That’s easy for us. We can do that. Less profit for our bottom line, more money for the artist; fantastic.

Apparently, Tidal will provide new ways for the artist to communicate with fans as well as offer exclusive music from artists, demo tracks and studio time and eventually, be in the position to sign big artists as their label deals come to an end, rivalling not only the likes of Spotify but perhaps also putting a little pressure on the major labels such as Sony and Universal!

It is rumoured that Jay Z acquired the streaming site earlier this month for proximately $56 million – the site was originally launched by Norwegian firm; Aspiro last October.

With a whole host of artists supporting the movement, including Madonna, Usher, Rihanna, Kanye and many more, this looks like it could be a big deal!

Check out the short promo vid below:

Click this link to watch the launch announcement live – if you fancy it!


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