Usher got into beef!

Pictures have surfaced of Usher with the injury he apparently sustained whilst defending his wife-to-be; Grace Miguel’s honour.

Usher got into beef!

The story is, whilst celebrating New Year’s eve at a party in Miami, a random guy started hurling abuse at Usher and when he didn’t bite, the guy decided to take set on his girlfriend Grace and started calling her names including; Ugly!

The rumour is; a fight broke out but Usher got the better of the guy even though he wound up with a bloodshot eye – presumably as a result of a punch!

Usher posted the pic below on Instagram the day after New Years Day with the caption; You should see the other guy!

A photo posted by Usher (@howuseeit) on

Usher (or his camp) are yet to comment further on the incident but all seems well given that Usher was spotted out in Beverley Hills on Friday…still with the dodgy eye!

Story developing….

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