Usher, The Game and he carpools with James!

By now you MUST have heard the latest on RnB star; Usher!

It is alleged Usher has been running around spreading herpes….literally!

Apparently, Usher was diagnosed as having the STI as far back as 2008/2009, yet many women including one as recent as April this year, claim Usher had unprotected oral sex and intercourse with them without declaring his condition which is illegal in the States.

As shocking as the story seems on the surface, it gets deeper…

Usher has been married since 2015…and still is!

Usher, The Game and he car pools with James!

Whilst his wife; manager Grace Miguel is yet to speak out on the recent gwaaarnings, ex wife Tameka Foster took to social media to make it clear she has nothing to do with Usher and his STI and was quick to point that they have been divorced for 8 years ago implying that she has not been impacted by what’s happening in her ex’s pants!

True story; rumours of Usher’s condition have been circulating in ‘the industry’ for some time but when news broke early last week referring to court documents detailing a $1.1 million settlement Usher had made to a lady that was alleging he infected her with the condition back in 2012, the flood gates literally opened. One lady in particular caught the attention of many. Described only as a celebrity stylist, she was suing Usher for $10 million claiming she was exposed to the infection following the discovery that he had admitted to have the infection.  That sum has now jumped up to $20 million after discovering she has indeed got the STI. Other women are believed to be coming forward armed and ready to sue Usher. Since the uproar, Usher has been silent on social media prompting speculation that perhaps he is gearing up to do the right thing and address the rumours properly – perhaps in a televised interview or something… *cue Oprah* Whatever is going on, it’s not looking too great for Usher not just because he, like many others has genital herpes but more because it appears he has been very dismissive of the fact and disrespected those he so casually infected. Celebrityville has been interestingly quiet about the revelations too… Apart from The Game! The Game took to social media to basically tell people to but out of Usher’s business and mind their own… The post has since been removed from his Instagram feed but the good ole guys over at BallerAlert, managed to screen grab that before it was deleted! Check it out below:


Ballerific Comment Creepin —- 🌾👀🌾 #thegame #commentcreepin


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So what now?

Well, James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke has just dropped featuring Usher where they both sing a medley of songs including the ever so ironic; Burn and Caught Up which features the line; ‘my mama told me, be careful who you do coz Karma comes back around…’

Thing is, watching Usher in this vid with James makes me just wanna shake him and ask him whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Why be that guy?

Why not keep it tidy?

Then I remember, with fame comes ego and truth be told, it’s that exact thing that has wound Usher up in this predicament…ego (and disrespect).

Let’s hope he has learnt what was clearly, a much needed lesson!

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