Vagina Beer anyone?

Calling all beer drinkers…

Ever fancied Vagina beer?

Yes you read right…Vagina beer – it is actually a thing!

Bottled Instinct is a new and very unique beer made using vaginal bacteria!

Vagina Beer anyone?

Sounds a bit grim but according to The Order of Yoni site (the brain behind the new beverage), the lactic acid collected from the Vagina of none other than Czech model; Alexandra Brendlova, has been extracted using a gynaelogical stick then taken along to a lab to be isolated and cleaned!


The bacteria is then multiplied and used in a culture starter kit to create beer using regular beer making ingredients including; water, beer, hops and yeast.

Once the beer is brewed, the company assure us that there is no vaginal taste or smell but proceed to promote the drink using sexual innuendo with such descriptions like the following; The bacteria, lactobacillus, transfer woman’s features, allure, grace, glamour, and her instincts into beers and other products, turning them into dance with lovely goddess. [CITE]

Vagina Beer anyone?

There’s more…

The company are trying to raise €150,000 via an Indiegogo campaign where they claim; Bottled Instinct houses the essence of a woman and is beer with the flavour of champagne!



Go check it out for yourself…

So…how do you want yours?

Chilled or at room temperature?!!

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