VB goes Plus Size!

OK so Victoria Beckham recently collaborated with US retailer Target on a brand new, affordable clothing range.

Sounds interesting right?


Well, it appears even more promising to hear that the women’s items in the range will go up to a UK size 24!

VB goes Plus Size!

I nearly choked when I discovered this, then I started to question why?

This is a range of clothing coming from an individual that blatantly prides herself on looking waif like with an incredibly ridiculous moody pout to boot, so what’s the deal with catering for the bigger chicks amongst us?

Definitely curious!

VB goes Plus Size!

Anyway, this is the first time in Victoria’s whole career that she has teamed up with a high street brand as well as this being the first time she’s turned her hand to designing clothes for kids.

Besides the whole, lets-cater-for-fuller-figured-women bit, the equally crazy thing is, despite being a Brit herself, Vic’s range will not be available here in the UK and what’s more, the range will only be available through Target between 19th April and 30th April!

Apparently its ‘very limited edition’.

Bollocks I say!

Not that I intend to purchase any items myself but the fact that availability is practically none existent here in the UK, is a bit of a joke.

Oh wait…if you can be arsed, you can grab a few specially selected pieces from Victoria’s own website – these will be shipped internationally…if you can be bothered of course!

So, that’s; sizes for bigger girls, clothing for kids and not available in the UK…

VB goes Plus Size!

What’s ole Posh Spice up to?

Could it have something to do with the fact that the average dress size here in the UK is size 16?

Hmmm, probably not – it’s only available in the US remember…?

So what is her game?

There’s definitely a strong stench of ‘intention’ around this latest fashion move!

Let’s just wait and see shall we….


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