Voletta Wallace Vs Kendall +Kylie

Some would say ‘it’s about time these lot got their comeuppance’ or at least some of it!

It’s definitely safe to say, Kendall and Kylie got waaaaay too big for their boots when it was decided that it was in some crazy ass way, acceptable for them to release a line of vintage music t-shirts featuring legends such as the Notorious BIG and Tupac complete with their faces…yes Kendall and Kylie’s face, emblazoned across the top of them.

Voletta Wallace Vs Kendall +Kylie

Besides the fact that having the audacity to place yourself on the same t-shirt as some of the most iconic musicians of our time fully justifies why many want to clip you round the ears and shout; ‘get it together luv’ and the mere fact that you have the gall to do so without even so much as an attempt to try and get permission from the respective estates, is a double liberty!

I mean whose clever idea was this anyway?

It couldn’t have been Kris could it?

Surely even she knows better than that!

One person who was having none of it, is my G; Voletta Wallace.

Voletta is the mother of the late, great Christopher Wallace aka Biggie Smalls and she was far from impressed with this contrived PR move.

Voletta took to social media to share her disgust.

She uploaded a post of the t-shirt with Kendall’s face across an iconic snap of Big, added a huge red cross and declared; this product has no affiliation to the Notorious B.I.G. estate.

Voletta Wallace Vs Kendall +Kylie

Naturally, this set off a chain of hateful tweets prompting the sisters to not only remove the t-shirt featuring BIG, but in fact the whole limited edition range seems to have disappeared from the site…for now!

I mean honestly though, how can you think you are validated in taking iconic images without permission and affiliating them with the Kardashian circus?

What do you know about Biggie or Tupac anyway?

What do you even know about Kiss come to think of it?

This is another classic example of bandwagon shit….

You see the popularity of certain artists (dead or alive) and you want to nick a piece of it


Piss off and be original!

Voletta Wallace Vs Kendall +Kylie

Oh hang on, that’s just not what you do is it?

I wonder what Kanye thinks?

He must feel some way about this…

Let’s be honest, in this instance, you’re guilty by association Ye!

Heck, I’m waiting for them to release a range of Thriller inspired jackets or some shit…

Can you imagine?

That DEFINITELY will not end well if they did!

So let’s see what they do next…

Wait ‘til the hype dies down then reintroduce an amended range or do away with the whole idea completely?

I think if they’ve got any sense, they’ll go with the latter!


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