Who’s the Daddy – Prince Jackson?!!

Not that many ever really believed Michael Jackson’s son was actually his BIOLOGICAL son – or indeed whether, any of his kids possessed his DNA!


Many refused to believe that the King of Pop could father a child that looked the way Prince Jackson did!

Now, here we are, several years after the death of quite possibly the greatest entertainer ever and his son Prince has responded to a tweet that challenged him to admit that he was not a real Jackson.

The tweet as per the below, attempted to out him as a product of Michael’s ex wife; Debbie Rowe and his long time physician and friend (friend being a questionable reference of course); Dr Arnold Klein meaning, there was no biological connection between him and MJ!

Prince hit back with the following tweet which definitely raised an eyebrow…or 4!

Who's the Daddy - Prince Jackson?!!

Sadly, Dr Klein passed away on Thursday night after being admitted to hospital in Palm Springs with severe abdominal pains.
It was ruled that he died of natural causes, age 70!

But apparently Dr Klein isn’t Prince’s natural father either.

So who is?

Does it even matter?

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