Yesterday was MJ’s birthday….

So yesterday marked what would have been the King of Pop’s 58th birthday (Sunday 29th August 2016).

Can I get a ‘hee hee’?

As with every year, the outpouring of well wishes commenced across social media and admittedly, I was one of those individuals that dedicated an Instagram post to ole Mikey!

This year, Michael Jackson’s 19 year old son; Prince has stolen the who-posted-the-best-tribute limelight with the message he uploaded on Instagram.

He referred to his father as a ‘legend’ – which is very accurate in my opinion.

The poetic post was heartfelt and touching and gives us a snapshot into how those that MJ left behind actually feel.

Check out the Insta post below:

Happy birthday to the Man who was more than a legend. I love you.

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