The Rinse LIVE – episode 1 RECAP!

The Rinse Live episode 1 streamed LIVE on Monday 2nd June and this is what we covered:

–          Celebrities and the pressure to look good and photo ready at all times. 
This obsession has now spilled over onto celebrity children.

It is alleged that Kim Kardashian has had baby North West’s eyebrows either waxed or photo shopped in recently released pictures whilst paparazzi pictures appeared to show the baby with what seemed like a mini mono brow forming.


We also spoke about the Carmen Ortega belfie that Lauren Goodger posted on Instagram.
Lauren now faces legal action over the picture was apparently tweaked to look wider and more like Lauren!


–          (Delivered by Psycho) With the World Cup coming up in Brazil and the hype around the teams and the competition continues – local factions are protesting against it, saying the money spent on the tournament should be spent of schools, hospitals etc..
With the recent passing of the Olympics paired with the coatings to the general public – do we think these big events are justified?


–          Ciara has just given birth to her first child with rapper; Future and before giving birth, he proposed to her  (actually on her 28th birthday) and has now gone on record claiming he is ready to marry CiCi as he has reached an age in his life where he is ready to settle down.

Kelly Rowland tied the knot to her manager Tom Witherspoon in a secret ceremony in Costa Rica amidst the Solange / JayZ Liftgate incident

Kim and Kanye’s wedding blow out

Question: Do celebrities make light of engagement and marriage and when we see someone like Kelly move stealth like (or not so obviously) why does it seem to throw people?

Should celebs allow us to know / or expect us to be all up in their every move romantically?

–          We wrapped up with one piece of marriage advice for newly weds; Kim & Kanye

Watch the whole episode back, right here:


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