The RINSE Live, episode 10 XRATED III– RECAP!

The Rinse Live– episode 10 streamed LIVE on Monday 4th August and this is what we covered:

–       Icebreaker: Apparently Beyoncé and Jay Z are on the verge of divorce.
Firstly do we think they are genuinely on the verge of divorce or just going through some things, secondly, do we even care?
Are there break up rules?
Do we give it a certain amount of time before we feel comfortable enough to declare it to the world?
Is it about saving face…are breakups shameful – in your opinion?

–        Is chemistry crucial in a relationship?
Can you have everything but sexual chemistry and have a successful relationship?
Could you have a relationship without sex?
Can someone be happy without sex…if so how and if no, why?

–     With the barriers of what’s conventional sex to what’s not, when would be the ideal time to raise sexual issues with a new partner?
From sexual preferences to things you like in the bedroom?

–           In an age where porn is viewed as a not such a big deal– does the knowing that your partner indulges in porn regularly make you feel inadequate?
Are you open to viewing porn?
In your mind, what are the pros and cons of porn?

–       We wrapped up with: Sex toys – yes or no?
Would you use with partner or without?
What are your personal rules for using toys?

Watch the full episode here:

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