The RINSE Live, episode 11 XRATED III– RECAP!

The Rinse Live– episode 11 streamed LIVE on Monday 11th August and this is what we covered:

–       Icebreaker: Stereotypes: do they still exist?
British people don’t have sex as much as people from other countries…
Black men have the biggest cocks
Blondes are more adventurous in the sack?
Which stereotype do you buy into if any….?

–        The picture of Idris Elba on the set of his new movie; A Hundred Streets set the internet ablaze as the pic appeared to reveal Idris packing a rather large package:

Idris laughed it off but really, ladies the world over fantasised about what he could do with that so;

How important is it for a man to have size in the trouser department?

Is it about the size or the motion in the ocean?

Is there such thing as too big?

Ladies; does size determine a long term relationship?

What about the ladies, is there as much emphasis on how tight a lady is?

Guys; what about the tightness / looseness of a ladies parts – does this bother you or is it something you don’t really consider?

–     Danielle McMahon the good Catholic girl from this year’s big brother has come under criticism after playing the virgin Catholic role on the show but moonlights as a lingerie model and even appeared on a Channel 5 documentary (Webcam: Girls at your service) boasting about how she offers services to horny internet goers:

Should she be attacked because she is indulging in sex related activities yet claiming she is a good Catholic girl or can and should she be able to do both without being slagged off about it?

Should religion come into how you sexually portray yourself?

Can someone be devout in their religion but still be sexy or dress sexily – even tease but not indulge?

–           Sex addiction…
Is there such a thing or do people use it as an excuse to cheat?

Watch the full episode here:

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