The RINSE Live episode 3 – RECAP!

The Rinse Live episode 3 streamed LIVE on Monday 16th June and this is what we covered:

–       Icebreaker: Harry Styles from 1D is the latest celebrity to join the Kabbalah religion favoured by the likes of Madonna and Mick Jagger (to name but a few).  He has been persuaded to take on a sex ban to purify himself after years of bed hopping amongst celebrities.  Harry is known for bedding the ladies so for him to give up sex for 6 months, is a massive ask for him.
What one thing would you find most difficult to give up and what would it take for you to give it for at least 6 months?

–       After rumours that Hip hops golden couple; Beyonce and Jay Z’s marriage is crumbling amid rumours of cheating on both sides, it was alleged that Beyonce had the IV tattoo removed from her wedding finger.  Apparently, she has had it re inked on suggesting that the duo are no longer on the brink of divorce.
What do you think is really going on between these two?
Do you think its sensationalism or just two people trying to get on with their marriage?

We also spoke about the ridiculous Blue Ivy hair petition::

–       (Delivered by Psycho) Google have announced they are releasing GOOGLEFIT to rival Apple’s HEALTHKIT and Samsung’s SAMI.
We know there is an obesity problem in this country but do you really believe that these apps can help fix the situation?

–       Lily Allen seems to keep popping up every so often these days.  From pirating album titles (Yeezus) to dressing loosely and acting somewhat desperate (think her recent performance at GAY London), Lily seems like she is on a mission to prove herself.

The latest is; Lily claims she was offered the role as Yara, sister of Theon in the HBO hit series; Game of Thrones but she turned it down as she felt uncomfortable with the first scene which saw Theon attempt to seduce his sister that he hadn’t seen in years.

Brother Alfie Allen who actually plays Theon has dismissed Lily’s claims stating that Gemma Whalen who plays the part was always first choice.


So what’s going on with Lily’s, lies and strange behaviour…even her hubby is feeling neglected.

–       We wrapped up with A film school student is suing the writers of The Men in Black 3 for 2 billion dollars claiming they stole his homework assignment idea to finish the film.  If successful, this student will never have to work again.
If you could have written any film…what would it be and why?

Watch the full episode here:

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